Update Your Resume This Weekend!

Today, I posted on Facebook a list of 15 companies around the country that are hiring right now.

I talk to people all the time who are unhappy or want more from their careers. I usually will ask if he or she has an updated resume. And if he or she doesn't, I say get one!  I also mention that if the resume has an Objective, get it off of there ASAP!  Nothing will date your resume more than having an objective.  I still see sites that show Objectives in resume examples; one medical field discussion group had a bunch of respondents insisting a resume must have an Objective.  (I imagined that those folks were also looking for a job. They knew this secret, and wanting to thin the herd, as it were, were "helping" to get those folks tossed first.)

Having a current resume means you can immediately produce it for any opportunity when that opportunity arises. Sure, you could spend the weekend rushing to get something ready, but it probably won't be your best work because you'll likely forget some items and then under pressure to send it, you may choose to forgo having someone else proofread it for typos.  Or that ends up being the weekend your water heater dies.  Or some other event that needs your attention….

The point is that you want to be ready with a current resume before you need to be ready.  I can help you get that updated resume so you are prepared when that next knock at the door occurs!  And, you won't have to spend the weekend rushing to get something completed.  As an extra check, I have a 3rd party review the final version so that you know you are getting the cleanest and clearest document possible.  Most importantly, this is easily done across the miles.  We can work via email and phone calls.  You can read more about my process and estimated time frames on my blog here.cup with pens highlighters scissors Image

This is the time to do it!  I will review your existing resume, discuss with you some concrete suggestions about how to strengthen it and then update it for your most recent roles.  Let's get started this weekend!

If you or someone you know is interested in a new or refurbished resume, contact me here or at my email Katie@thepinkanvil.com

How Current is Your Resume?

Updating my resume will be a hassle! 

                                   I don’t have the time to work on it. 

                                                                       I’m not good talking about myself. 

I know what you’re thinking – it’s been ages since you had to update your resume.  Or maybe you never really had a current version ever.  Or maybe you need help beefing up the language and format of your resume.  Those are all great reasons to bring in an expert  to help you write and update your resume.

My process is straightforward and focused.  I  listen carefully to you  as you talk about the job you want, what you have accomplished in your career, how you helped your employers save or make money and how you have helped improve their processes.  Your finished resume will take all this into account.  It will be clean, clear and much stronger than it has ever been before.


Here’s a quick overview of what it will take to get you a new resume:

  • I review your most recent resume if you have one.  Aside from allowing me to verify  the basic personal and work information  that any resume needs (address, employer names and locations, etc.), this  also gives me a feel for the  progression of your skills and your roles throughout your career.  That knowledge will help us describe your achievements as we move forward with the new resume.  At this point, it also helps to know if you are planning on seeking employment in the same field – or thinking of pivoting onto   a new careerpath entirely.

This part of the process takes about 1 day. 

  • We discuss my findings and suggestions while fleshing out  the skills and successes we want to emphasize.  This can be done in person, on the phone or by email.  We can use this time to discuss your current experiences too.  I have found that it is easier to brainstorm ideas (achievements and contributions during your career) when speaking in person or on the phone, rather than via email.  Often times, it is easy to overlook your own professional value, which is also a good reason to hire someone to write your resume.  You need to highlight the  key contributions you can make to a new employer.  That is what a hiring manager wants to see.

This conversation usually takes 30 – 60 minutes.

  • I write a first draft of your new resume.  The first version I write is meant to give you an overall sense of the content – of what it says about you.  At the end of this process, you will see the basic format of your new resume.  And, of course, all of these items can be modified to your liking.

This usually takes 1-3 days, depending on your and my schedules.

  • You review the content, giving me feedback on wording, details on metrics as needed, formatting and overall appearance.

This takes 1-2 days.  I find that it helps to keep focused on it, especially since we are almost done!

  • I write a final draft incorporating any changes we discussed, ensure the language is strong and descriptive.  I tighten up the format and spacing, headers and footers and send the final draft for your review.

This takes 1-2 days. 

  • You review your new resume one more time.  Let me know of any changes.  From there, I will have an independent 3rd party review the final draft one last time.  I then will send you a final up-to-date-resume.

This takes less than 1 day. 

So, in about a week, you can have a shiny new resume and start focusing on finding the job you want!

Here is what some of my clients have said about my work:


“I really like the version… – Perfect” – D.J, Sunbury, OH

“It's looking great, I'm so excited!” – J.G., Columbus, OH


“Awesome, your work and help has been great.”  –S.B., Toledo, OH

“IT LOOKS FANTASTIC!  Thank you so much!  I wouldn't change a thing! 
I will recommend you to everyone I know!”  –A.A., Columbus, OH


Resumes I have written usually result in my client being invited to at least one interview (though most have interviews with multiple hiring companies).  From there, it is up to you!

Let me help you.  Call me at 614-321-WORD or email me at Katie@ThePinkAnvil.com.

Happy Job Hunting!

            ~ Katie

PS- Though I prefer to keep to the process I have described above, I will accept rush jobs (with a turn-around measured in hours, not days) when necessary.  Please let me know as much in advance as possible.