Resume Updates

We can update your resume with your most recent job responsibilities.  If you need a resume created from scratch, we can do that too.  We will help you with your cover letter and give you advice on interviewing, including interview preparation so you can be ready!

Student/New Graduate Resume:


Resume Review and Rewrite: Includes updating format and job descriptions and incorporating changes from the Review and adding in key words for the job you seek


Resume Refresh: Includes updating the format with minimal content changes- Previous Clients Only


Cover Letters: 

Resumes from scratch, Executive resumes and other resume-related documents:

Estimates on request


Check out this post to find out why I am the right person to write your resume.

Check out this post to find out more about my process and the time it takes.


Social Media Strategy

Did you know that 80% of companies on the Fortune 100 list have a presence on at least one of the four major social media platforms:  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or corporate blogs.  Twenty percent of those companies are on all four!

These companies know the power of social media!  Some pay full-time dedicated staff to manage their social media activity.

We also see the benefit for small businesses, including online stores, start-ups and even for new products still under development.  We will discuss strategy, and help you remain genuine and authentic in the space.  These are not the days recalled in "Mad Men", where you cranked out messages, regardless of accuracy or truthfulness.  Now, you need to bring your brand to life.  You need to talk to your customers, potential and established.  You need to build your brand.

We are also able to handle your social media activity for only a couple hours a week, making it very affordable!  Call us to discuss estimates.

Copywriting and Blogging

We write website content, newsletters, Twitter and Facebook content.

Costs: $37.50 per hour; estimates are available in advance


**Prices subject to change