Why Hire Me To Write Your Resume?

Of all the people available to write your resume – why should you choose me? To begin with, I taught high-school English for almost a decade –  and of course, I taught resume-writing to my students.  Now that’s a pretty good reason just on its own, but there’s more.  I followed teaching by a move … Read more Why Hire Me To Write Your Resume?

Networking, An Opportunity Lost

Networking – Not Just For Fun Anymore! What is Networking? The word conjures up a a variety of different images in my head:  TV networks; computer networks; fishing nets, hair net…Aqua Net…ok, that last one may be a stretch.  But none of these are the topic of the day.  Networking in this post refers to … Read more Networking, An Opportunity Lost

How Current is Your Resume?

Updating my resume will be a hassle!                                     I don’t have the time to work on it.                                                                         I’m not good talking about myself.  I know what you’re thinking – it’s been ages since you had to update your resume.  Or maybe you never really had a current version ever.  Or maybe you need help beefing … Read more How Current is Your Resume?