Why Hire Me To Write Your Resume?

Of all the people available to write your resume – why should you choose me? To begin with, I taught high-school English for almost a decade –  and of course, I taught resume-writing to my students.  Now that’s a pretty good reason just on its own, but there’s more.  I followed teaching by a move … Read more Why Hire Me To Write Your Resume?

Pink Trash Trucks

Pink Trash Truck

I ran across this article in connection with a charity I support, Pretty in Pink Foundation.  The company is run by a breast-cancer survivor, though men drive the trucks and wear pink uniforms! I just like pink.  And, you wouldn't miss this truck on  your street, would ya? http://www.wect.com/story/16202490/think-pink-trash-collection-service-gives-back-to-breast-cancer-research